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    Results for Galvin Cup 2016

    So it's all over for another year and what an event we had - it's such a pleasure to see Britain's top mixologists go head-to-head creating stunning cocktails for our panel of professional judges!

    Decided over three rounds, competitors first created a signature drink from their bar, then a cocktail of their own creation before the most tense moment of the day: the Final Shake-off. In this they were presented with a mystery box of ingredients and challenged to create the finest drink possible from them.

    Every entrant was a star in their own right but in the end the well-deserved results the committee decided on were:


    1st Peter Nguyen of Mr Fogg's Residence


    2nd Simone Marvulli of Holborn Dining Room at the Rosewood Hotel


    3rd Danilo Lanteri of the Lanesborough


    Peter's Final Shake-Off creation - The Mayfair Spritz - wowed the committee with a deft use of the ingredients presented and a natural flare for presentation.

    Congratulations to all who joined us and until next year, Happy Mixing!

    Fred Sirieix



    Galvin Cup 2016

    On 20th June the Galvin Cup is back for its tenth year! The landmark competition sees the UK’s top mixologists go head to head at the legendary Hush bar in a bid to be recognised as the best shaker in the land! Competitors will mix three cocktails each for a panel of expert judges – first a signature serve, then a drink of their own creation before taking on the final Shake-Off: creating a cocktail off the cuff from a mystery box of ingredients, a challenge to worry even the coolest of customers. Get ready for the cocktail event of the year!
    Happy Mixing!
    Fred Sirieix



    Monday saw the UK’s top bartenders fight it out to win The Galvin Cup, now in its 9th consecutive year. The trophy was awarded to Daniel Stepien from Coq d’Argent, with Cacciola Gianfranco from Amaranto Bar at Four Seasons Park Lane coming second and Walter Neagu from The Amazing Red Bar at Marriott placing third. 

    The mixology competition, which offers professionals the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of a live panel of judges, was held at Quaglino’s restaurant and was sponsored by Babicka vodka.  Judges included Luca Cordilieri (UK Bartenders Guild) and the competition founder, Fred Sirieix with Chris and Jeff Galvin handing out trophies and Nigel Barden from The Chris Evans Show as MC.

    Competitors were put through their paces, having to create three cocktails on the day – the signature serve, their own cocktail creation and finally a final shake off, where mixologists were given a box of mystery ingredients to make a cocktail.  The drinks were all judged with the following three criteria; appearance, aroma and taste.

    Of the event, Sirieix, General Manager of Galvin at Windows and event founder said: ‘This year we had a great turn out and it was exciting to see the high standard of cocktails that were being produced’.


    Good day to everyone,

    If I may I would like to give a little advise to all 2015 competitors.

    First of all make sure you read and understand the rules. It is absolutely key you follow all instructions to the letter when sending in your entry. Every year talented bartenders are turned down because of very basic non- compliance.

    Practise your set piece as many times as you can. To be fair if you can’t do it your eyes closed then you are probably not yet ready.

    The creation cocktail (in my view) should be simple, balanced and with a clean and memorable taste. I know you will find a name for it but if I was to choose a 2nd name for you, it would be “Give me another one please”. So make sure you practise this one too and get others to give you their opinion so you know it is a well liked drink before the competition.

    For the shake off, relax and breathe as you discover the content of the hamper for the first time.

    Think fast and think slow.

    Think simple.

    Think of the flavours and combinations that work. Do something you KNOW, do not re-invent the wheel or something you hope will work (because it never does). Be creative but play safe in the same time.

    Good luck!



    The Galvin Cup is back on the 8th June for its 9th consecutive time.

    This year Quaglino’s will be our host and Babička vodka our sponsor.


    I can’t tell you how excited and proud I am to organise once again this prestigious competition with the UKBG.


    Back in the day The Galvin Cup had students competing in the morning and professionals in the afternoon. Unfortunately we quickly realised there was no appetite from catering colleges and their teachers to give the necessary coaching and encouragement the students needed to take part. We therefore had no option but to cancel the students part altogether and concentrate solely on professionals.


    The Galvin Cup has since grown and become the competition of reference in the UK.


    However it is a shame really and a sad state of affairs to not be able to organise the students competition because of a lack of interest and vision from most catering colleges.

    It would have been such an amazing opportunity and experience for any students to meet the professional stars of the bar industry.

    The Hospitality industry is one of the most incestuous industry there is and I for one never really had to send a CV to anyone to gain any employment. It was always done by word of mouth between people who knew me and knew of the way I worked.


    This was the chance the Galvin Cup offered to students and I can’t believe no one has grabbed it.


    Good luck to our competitors for the 2015 edition!


    Fred Sirieix.