Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 4:39PM

Good day to everyone,

If I may I would like to give a little advise to all 2015 competitors.

First of all make sure you read and understand the rules. It is absolutely key you follow all instructions to the letter when sending in your entry. Every year talented bartenders are turned down because of very basic non- compliance.

Practise your set piece as many times as you can. To be fair if you can’t do it your eyes closed then you are probably not yet ready.

The creation cocktail (in my view) should be simple, balanced and with a clean and memorable taste. I know you will find a name for it but if I was to choose a 2nd name for you, it would be “Give me another one please”. So make sure you practise this one too and get others to give you their opinion so you know it is a well liked drink before the competition.

For the shake off, relax and breathe as you discover the content of the hamper for the first time.

Think fast and think slow.

Think simple.

Think of the flavours and combinations that work. Do something you KNOW, do not re-invent the wheel or something you hope will work (because it never does). Be creative but play safe in the same time.

Good luck!


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