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    “The clocks have moved forward, spring is upon us and time is ticking down to the sixth annual Galvin Cup. This is the first year Beefeater has been directly involved, and I have to say I’m somewhat excited. Various people have told me various details of their recipes – I am, of course, sworn to secrecy – and it looks like we’re going to see some fantastic drinks. I’ve been so enthused by this that, despite not being allowed to enter, over the weekend I cracked open a bottle of Beefeater at home and dusted off my old mixing glass. Rummaging through the various bottles of bitters and liqueurs I’ve accumulated over the years I set about creating what was to be the Greatest Gin Cocktail Ever Created This Side Of Hackney. A dash here and a splash there, 15ml of something and 11.5ml of another. Progress, I must admit, was a little slow. After a long evening and a lot of Beefeater reluctantly consigned to the sink I had an important epiphany: the fact I no longer work in any kind of establishment serving cocktails is a very good thing. Feeling a little dejected about this I set about cleaning up the detritus I had left in my wake during the course of my evening’s misguided quest. I then had a much better idea: 25ml of sweet vermouth, 25ml Campari, a large measure of Beefeater, combined with some very cold cubes of ice and an orange slice in a nice rocks glass. As I sipped on a fine Negroni a load lifted from my mind and I reflected that, although my talents as a creator of cocktails are somewhat wanting, I am privileged enough to be able to sit as one of the judges in this competition and taste some genuinely great creations made by some genuinely talented people.  And a few more Negronis too.

    Phil Duffy”


    The rules for the Galvin Cup 2012 sponsored by Beefeater on the 21st May at London Syon Park are now ready for you to download from our site.

    The cocktail competition is now in its 6th year and going very strong.

    There has been much interest already and we expect a great turnout on the day.

    Please register early to avoid disappointment.

    Keep mixing!



    The Galvin cup 2012

    The Galvin Cup 2012 sponsored by Beefeater will take place on the 21st May at London Syon Park.

    So far we’ve had much more interest from bartenders than in previous years. Indeed, we have already received requests for applications despite not having finalised the rules. Be patient please, all will be announced in January.

    In the mean time brush up on your Gin based cocktails and get ready to mix!

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year!



    Results for Galvin cup 2011!

    Another successful competition behind us. Congratulations to all participants, winners and sponsors! 

    Official Results Bartenders:

    1st place:  Alessandro Pizzoli, The Kensington Hotel

    2nd place: Dario Provenzano, The Dorchester

    3rd place:  Daniel Carvalho, Good Godfrey’s The Waldorf Hotel

    4th place:  Swanad Korgaonkar, The Savoy

    5th place:  Harry Glockler, The Ritz

    6th place:  Salvatore Damiano, Captains Club Hotel

     Winner Alessandro Pizzoli

    Official Results Students:

    1st place: Ramon Ramos, Westminster Kingsway College

    2nd place: Nuappa Rattanakistunthorn, Westminster Kingsway College

    3rd place: Laure De Fromant de Bouaille, Lycee Ferrandi Paris, France

    4th place: Stacey Crawford, Croydon College

    5th place: Bobby Thompson, Croydon College

    6th place: Jia Yu To, Westminster Kingsway College

    Left to right: Chris Galvin, winner Ramon Ramos, Fred Sirieix,
    Nigel Barden and Luca Cordiglieri





    The Martinez cocktail by maestro Marco Ercolano