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    Silvano Giraldin is considered the godfather of the 'Art of the table' in London and was the public face of Le Gavroche for over thirty years, before his retirement from his role as Maitre d'in 2008. Born in 1948 in Padua, Italy, into a farming family, Silvano started his career by enrolling at the local catering college at a very early age. Set on travelling Europe to learn languages and experience life in different countries a young Silvano worked in Italy, Belgium and France until he reached London and Le Gavroche by the age of 23. He soon climbed the rungs at Le Gavroche, starting as a waiter in 1971, then sommelier and Maitre d before being promoted to general manager by 1975, becoming the youngest award winning restaurant manager in London at the age of 27. 

    Silvano has done more than anyone else to preserve and develop table service in the UK and he is a revered tutor of Maitre d'Hotels. He is the founding chairman of the "Les Arts de la Table" section of the UK branch of the Academy of Culinary Arts and created the first "Meilleur Ouvrier de Grande Bretagne" or M.O.G.B. for Service competition, known now as Master Craftsmen. His protégés include the most respected Thierry Tomasin of Angelus, London, Diego Masciaga and Benoit Radenne of Waterside Inn, Bray, Michel Lang of Ducasse's - Louis XV, Monte Carlo, Monaco: Jean-Pierre Durantet; Jean-Claude Breton, Enzo Casini, Dominic Corolleur and Frederic Sirieix. Able to speak five languages fluently and a legendary ability to make people feel relaxed, Silvano has welcomed guests from all echelons of society from across the globe.